Late…? Um, no.

January 17, 2008 § Leave a comment

If one arrives at the office everyday at the same time, which is 20 minutes past the office’s suggested arrival time, is one late?

 As director of document production wherein proofing, editing and layout of projects are achieved, I tell the team “if you miss an error, do it consistently within that document.” Now how is that possible,  you say? As a for-instance:  if you’re going to spell a word with the British spelling (for a British client), do so consistently in the project. Don’t waver back and forth between grey and gray, labor and labour.

 So, then, does the same rule apply to my arrival at the office? I am there consistently about 20 minutes late (and work through half my lunch hour daily and stay no less than another half hour longer daily.) According to my own rule then, I am consistently late and therefore, um, not really late at all. Brilliant!


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