January 18, 2008 § 1 Comment

It is disturbing that Tiffany’s December retail numbers were low, lower than usual, low like that for the first time…in decades.

 People who shop at Tiffany have it built into their budget. A good segment of those who shop there don’t even HAVE a budget concern. They drop by and shop. And then go on to Bergdorf’s and Lacoste and Savile Row, Descamps, Vuitton and maybe even Freddy’s to slum (snatching up those fun $99 pearl ropes).

Tiffany is a place, an icon, a quality, not just a brand (unless it’s a Parkway West middle schooler wearing the heart bracelet in class- egads, vomit burp).

 When luxury items fall off, it’s not a good sign.

I must speak with R.

Birthday’s coming. We need to help Tiffany out.

Personally, though, my real luxury item is holding fast. Lipstick. Just purchased four of them. And got this classy little cosmetic case  free (one you would like) along with it. Of course the case is designed to hold the lip primer, gloss, lip liner and lipstick.

What’s your little luxury?


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  • laylou says:

    Can shoes be a luxury? And the pedicures that must follow? If so, then that’s mine. And probably purses too. Although don’t get me wrong… a girl loves Tiffany. Especially when it comes from her parents (for now) and even better when it comes from a guy. Hint: I would LOVE some Tiffany studs.

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