The Skif Sack

January 20, 2008 § Leave a comment

skifdress.jpgskifpantalones.jpga Skif ensemble

The Big Guy got us out of the house late morning, into the sun and the dry cold. We turned on our seat warmers in the car and felt we could go anywhere, do anything.

After the errands, we forayed along the Lou’s sides streets now that Hwy 40 has been dunced. The we werewinding through the streets on The Hill. BG parked, hallooed me out of my seat, onto the windy street and grabbed my hand. He steered us into Skif.

It has no sign, only huge studio-slash-warehouse windows with b&w photographic posters that suggest who the staff is and what they do. It’s open inside, probably scary for Mall-ites. 

To shop Skif, you need:

an open mind

a lust for something special/different

the foreknowledge that you will not like Everything in there

to know that something major must be injected into your wardrboe

$100 in your hand

Optional: a Big Guy who has an eye for fashion (mine worked in NYC’s garment district for nearly 5 years), a willingness to celebrate the unique, and the quiet desire to surprise his wife.

The store’s dog wears a Skif scarf.

But this is about the Skif Sack. It’s an extra little suprise. Clothing purchases are neatly folded and put into a huge white cotten sack with ties. No logo, but it’s immediately recognizable (rather like Bloomingdale’s “medium brown bag”).

The store also features fashion shows. Who knew? I LOVE when the Lou dishes up places like this.

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