Sliced, but not hurt

January 31, 2008 § Leave a comment

R returned from an 8-day biz trip. He was de-shoe-ing at the airport, in line to get to his gate for the last leg of his journey, taking a plane from Mickeyland to Lambert.  He knows the ropes and stood waiting, belt off, change in the cup, and laptop, briefcase and Crocs (yes, Crocs) in two trays. No big deal. Not a problem. It was an easy routine, especially since Crocs are great slip ons.

Then he slid the tray forward where the belt snaked it forward through the scanner. But not all the way. It stopped somewhere inside. It snagged somehow. And in those few blind moments, some devious inner working of the scanner sliced the heel strap on one of his Crocs right in half.

Retrieving his footwear, R noticed immediately that one of them was on the DL. He remarked as much to the Transit person  who obviously had  been fired from a string of other federal jobs where her personality had interfered with her position.

“Hey, my shoe is sliced and useless,” R said.

“I didn’t do it.”

“No, your machine sliced my shoe, look!”

“Can’t say it happened here. It coulda been like that.”

“Well, it wasn’t. I was wearing it no less than 5 minutes ago and it was fine. Then it got jammed in there (R pointed at the scanner) and came out cut up, like this.” R held up the shoe.

“Please move on,” said the transit clerk.

R stooped and put his Crocs on.  He straightened and picked up his travel bag. He shoved that tray out of the way and from the next tray, he retrieved his laptop. He set it on the edge of the end of the belt and opened it slowly to check it, glancing up at the clerk and shaking his head at her as he then slowly closed it. He took a moment to get out his handkerchief and wipe away someone’s smeary fingerprints.

As he walked away, he clenched his toes to keep his broken shoe from flapping off his foot.

All hail to all intrepid travelers. We have to fight to maintain our dignity, but maintain it we do.

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