Like water for shampoo…

February 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

You can’t wash your hair with conditioner. Don’t buy shampoo/conditioner combos in identical packaging.

You should not use a dryer sheet with your towels. It coats them to repel moisture (OK on other stuff.)

When an editor offers an assignment, you should avoid saying “no” too many times in a row.  (Now on the second “no” with a certain editor.) On the other hand, it tends to simplify your writing schedule. I mean, you do have another job, right?

You should avoid editing while watching TV.  If what you’re editing is bad, you tend to want to patch it up with whatever junk is on the tube at the time.

If you’re a writer, you tend to take deadlines very seriously. You find it difficult to understand why other people don’t.  That’s just the way it is, so be calm.


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