February 13, 2008 § Leave a comment

I bumped yesterday’s post. It was pathetic. Well intentioned as it talked briefly of weather as a character in writing, but pathetic. I will reformulate and re-post.

But for now, suffice it to say that it would be nice to have a writer’s day, spending at least 5 hours at the PC with intermittent walks with the dogs, rather than as a manager dodging corporate shrapnel all day…wait, no, I think it’s possible to do both.

I spent two hours with an interior designer last evening, an old friend actually, at her house across the river. The house is nearly 1,000 square feet. Built in 1894, she brought it back to life from the condemned sticker it wore on its front door two years ago when she bought it.  Talk with Chris Berry of Brooksberry for two hours. You will walk away with more ideas, more design details to attempt, and more energy to do it than you would have believed possible.

Now, to write up all my notes because when I go on site, I don’t take my laptop. My notebook is full of scribblings, quotes and “aha” phrases.


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