can you SPELL?

February 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

A lot of the people who whine about writing, wanting to do it, trying it, experimenting with it, “feeling” successful about it, could begin with…spelling correctly.

Think that’s nothing but a schoolmarm’s complaint?

Think spelling can be fixed and you don’t have time for that, that it’s only your content that matters?

OMG, we don’t even want to read past several spelling mistakes in the first paragraph/page/blurb/stanza.

Poor spelling says you’re sloppy, you don’t care, you can’t be bothered with getting it right.

That’s how we, the readers, feel. If you can’t get the spelling right, your story or whatever you’re writing is probably also out of control.

Don’t even bother me with your ruminating, your little complaints, sighs and desperation if you aren’t willing to slow down and spell it correctly or go back and correct it before putting it out there. Brilliance on paper shines all the brighter if all its little details (and spelling is one of them) are done well.

It would be funny, right, if I had a misspelling in this entry…


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