Books, Looks and Blizzards

February 19, 2008 § 1 Comment

Blizzards: No one is really interested in weather but the blizzard that blew through the Gateway this a.m. rendering your hand in front of your face temporarily invisible was exciting. Not that I was out in it. I was at work, but given that one of my office walls is all glass, it was suddenly like the lights went out and so I looked up from my intense and wild preparations for the weekly  “what’s what” meeting.

Not only did I look up, I stood up, hands on hips and stood looking out into whiteness that was thrilling. I could see the wind. There was also that school-kid reaction that goes something like this: Why oh why can’t it happen early enough to shut everyone down and keep them safely at home? But within 10 minutes it was over. The sun came out and dried it all up. The wind, however, is apparently here to stay. So, don’t bother to do anything special with your hair, other than plopping a hat down on it.


Books: We had Sunday dinner at the Hacienda, a restaurant placed mid-way between the family four-some that we are, scattered across this mid-west County.  Maybe it can be a new tradition – all of us sitting down to Sunday dinner – at a restaurant!

I handed Snarl his Valentine gift at last, a copy of Faulkner’s collected stories purchased at a bookstore on Pirate Alley in NOLA, a bookstore where Faulkner went to write. I stayed in that store as long as I could and ended up dropping a mere fifty in the till.

Snarl is a Faulkner fan. It doesn’t matter if he reads it right away or not; oddly, there’s little time during college life to read outside one’s curricula. But the book will be there for him, on his shelf, a mark of what’s possible.     He can open the book at any time and hear the “music,” feel the sentences that go forever until you think you’re going to forget what Mr F is talking about and fall headfirst into the human experience which you didn’t know was possible, especially since you know absolutely nothing about the South.

All writers need support, a catch net, someone to read when it gets dry.

BTW, I’m reading JULIE AND JULIA and yes, it’s chick lit but no, it’s not your typical CL. This author really writes, using complex sentences, phrases, vocab above the middle school level . I have no idea where this one is going but I’ll recommend it though I may be a bit premature in doing so. Cast caution to the wind. Give this one a whirl. Apparently they’re going to make a movie out of it, too.

Nor, I’ll pass it to you. Actually, I bought it for you at Xmas…and just found it in a bag!


Fashion: You would never know that this writer is a lover of fashion. I wore black, black and red to work today.

Oh yeah sure, such a color combination could have a little “pop” to it, but no. I didn’t pop it. And I didn’t have “the walk” today, either. Too tired. I was merely clean and neat. I wore nice shoes but I wasn’t away from my desk often enough to look down and get a bit of an “up” from them. Nothing special on the lingerie side. Nothing shocking on the jewelry; my fave Tiffany earrings stood me well and my favorite garnet lipstick was nice ’til I reached my third half-cup of coffee but that was about it.

Geez, will someone please proclaim this winter drudge officially over? And even if it means playing birdsong on a recording throughout the county at the crack of dawn, please do so. I’m sure our taxes will cover the expense to do so.

What? Go shopping? Nah. It’s too cold. And windy. I mean, did you READ the beginning of this entry?


I’m sorry…I nearly forgot. 

Today was President’s Day. Everyone was celebrating,I’ll bet, except at our office where I spend no less than 50 hours a week. Nope, no celebration there. Too bad. It’s one of the few places where I’ve been “discoursing” with the others at the East End of our corporate offices on who might someday get to be president. 

Today, though, we had no time to discuss “the Hill” or Obamarama.

No mail, no bank, no time off, no huge decorated sheet cake in the corporate kitchen. I had to settle for light traffic on Clayton and Manchester, and no lines at the FF drive-thru.

Here’s to ya’, George and Abe, and all the other great good men who were brave enough to run for office in the first place and brought us to this jabbering who-do-we-vote-for-now bleating crowd we have become. Hey, but at least we’re all talking, usually.

Happy Prez Day.


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