well, uh, hmmm….

February 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

I think people who have blogs should update them at least 3 times a week, even if they have nothing to say. (unless they are ill, like with the flu or unless they are away on vacation.)

I think people who want to write a book should do so. They should not, however, think that writing that book means it’s automatically publishable, or even that it’s automatically good.

I think people who say they can write are most suspect as those who may not necessarily be good writers.

I think people who say “here’s an idea, I’ll let you have it” to a writer are not generous. They are dolts. They have no idea of the writing process. I mean would I say to an engineer, ‘here’s an idea for a bridge,  I’ll let you have it,’  and boink, the engineer thinks ‘wow’ and builds it? Ideas are great, don’t get me wrong. But most people don’t act on ideas because they don’t know how. So stop telling us (writers) that we can have your story idea or your plot line or your this or that.

 I’m just saying.



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  • rakkav says:

    It’s a good thing then that people (and tests) have told me literally all my life that I write extremely well, because if I had to rely on my own ego (or my own self-doubts), I’d never apply my natural perfectionism to the task as much as I believe I must. (LOL)

    Ever read Isaac Asimov’s face-off between two characters in one of his earliest short stories? It says it all about how poor at editing authors often are and how poor at authorship editors often are:

    Editor: Don’t listen to him. He’s tempermental. You know these authors.
    Author: Don’t listen to him. He’s microcephalic. You know these editors.

    I crack up every time I think of this exchange.

    Well, I am now writing a book, self-editing it and self-publishing it on Triond.com. I am doing my best to make it good. Saying so on my blog (which I add to whenever my already overloaded schedule allows and I have something worth saying) generated an automatic link to your own blog. I thought it would be amusing and edifying to say “thanks to you and to serendipity for bringing me here”.

    Stay warm and safe and dry! 🙂

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