Land line down…i’ve added a bit more since the a.m.

February 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

We cancelled the land line.

Sychronicity: I read an article on leaving a carbon footprint, or, not leaving one. I’m not sure if cancelling a certain phone line reduces our carbon footprint but it seemed like a good move towards getting “off the grid.”


There has been no writing accomplished today except for rewriting my resume. Now it’s done.

I need it to perhaps earn a copyediting gig.

So, it had to be intelligent, error-free (or I’d immediately eliminate myself as a copyeditor-slash-proofer) and succinct. I think. The person who requested it wants a “spiffy” resume. I am not sure what that means.

  • So I created my own format, feeling unhappy with most of the established ones out there.
  • I did an introduction of sorts, complete with a drop cap on the intro paragraph.
  • I did some unusual spacing.
  • I used a font family to differentiate certain things but maintain an cohesive look. (This is an idea I picked up while talking with a graphics pro.)
  • Then I told my story as pointedly as the recipient might want to hear it, in line with that particular job.

Was is writing? Yes. Was it fun? Did I experience the usual freedom I get while writing? No, of course not.

This was another situation where writing, writing for someone or something, is absolutely difficult. You can’t blow it off. You can get tired of working on something, but when someone is waiting for it, it’s got to be as good as you can (stand to) get it.

I think a little reward is in order here. Something along the lines of picking up one of my writing exercise books and having a go at one of the exercises.

I hear can hear some of you snoring already.

The ice is falling, the firewood is stacked by the fireplace, it will be dark soon, and the beagle is curled up on the couch, leaving just enough room for me to squeeze in there. With my writing-in-progress.


I don’t care who makes dinner.


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