Writers blockade…

February 24, 2008 § Leave a comment

Tonight several professionals from the writing, medical, IT, financial, educational and graphic artist worlds will meet. In my living room.

Age range: 24 to 64.

Reason: the Oscars.

Real reason: to socialize.

There is only one degree of separation among those who haven’t met directly before.

The only thematic activity will be filling out our faux Oscar ballots, blithely choosing winners. There is no prize for who gets the most right. There is no money involved.

However, in so doing, there will likely be the exchange of ideas, having nothing to do with the stuff on the big screen TV. (In fact, all the living room chairs are not perfectly situated for viewing.) Little matter.

Coming under the conversational microscope (I hope): what’s hot, what’s not in our various kids’ lives; one idea (if not more) of something to make for dinner on any given work weeknight; the political temperature of the Gateway; some super software that’s useful and about to preview; good books to read or have read; shows coming to town; ideas for a camera shoot; a good vacation without having to fly; shoe solutions; charity event in March – who can come?; what regional editors are looking for right now; who needs freelance, who needs staff (oh, I have good one to add to that); best cures for the local raging flu; weight watching points; the new fitness center going up at Clarkson/Clayton; and, more.

Everyone will walk away with something, either idealogical or at least, regarding pop trash. I’m thinking of gift bags but nothing so far.

The point in recording the above and making myself look at it? Here is a Sunday with no other things sitting down on it. I have no deadlines, having completed several things. The cleaning and shopping is done. HM and I even went to the Missouri Botanical Garden yesterday for annual Orchid show. And Friday night we had a date.

Sunday would have allowed literal rest, writing time. With no fetters.

No,It’s not writers block that keeps me from putting pen to paper. I’ve never had writers block.  Nope, this is a writers blockade. I created it (on purpose) I threw up the idea weeks ago of having a very informal party to gather some girlfriends and watch the Oscars (though not too intently).

We have not been together in ages. The more our kids grow and leave the house, the more time we all spend working at our offices, at home on our laptops and even taking them along on the brief nouveau 3- and 4-day weekend vacations. (And the younger ones who attend are just as hell-bent on schedules with their careers, their volunteer work and their grad school classes.)

We need to get together, need that laughter, that disbelief, that OMG you’re kidding, that wow, that’s a good idea, that oh-I-never-would, etc.

Guys go hunting. Guys get together and play music. Guys fix things and spend hours in the driveway with a hose in their hand.

Girls…talk, innovate, laugh. Yes, I know we do waaay more than that.

Anyway, I have scrambled, blocked, (or, is it avoided?) the opportunity for a full day of writing. It is a sophisticated form of procrastination.

But maybe, just maybe, by about 4 o’clock, with everything ready, I’ll bust through my singularly built “blockade” and write for a couple of hours.

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