Bits and pieces…

February 26, 2008 § Leave a comment

Never miss Monday at work, I tell the team. Just don’t. It’s bad form.

Off I went yesterday (Monday) to work, doing fine, mentally planning the morning, dressed well enough with some attention to detail, hair still a bit damp, but orderly and playing Bjork for the commute.

Arrived, hello-ed everyone, sat down at my desk, and, wham! Sick. Sick as could be. Desperate to stave it off, I started first with emails, then a lame attempt at prepping for The Monday Morning Meeting. Impossible. I had to leave.

Better today, feeling a bit like bits and pieces of myself, and taking my time getting ready for work – just in case.


Monday STL  observations (tho’ its Tues).

  •     There are more Coach handbags in West Co than the anchor store in Des Peres could possibly carry. Therefore I am sure that beaucoup “imitations” are walking around.  I need to switch to a not-yet-discovered bag.
  •     The Orchid Show at MoBot sounds really lame/old. It’s not. Those orchids totally own the room in which they’re displayed. The theme – storybooks – is clever. In fact, instead of buying a ticket for $3 to see it, you are better off to get an annual membership to the Garden. Why? You get a respectable free gift with it (I LOVE my umbrella!) and you get free admission to the garden for a year, to the special shows and exhibits, and you receive their magazine. Do it – go there for the Zen of walking around huge acreage all decked out in floral ways that touch urbanites who live with concrete corporate overload.


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