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February 27, 2008 § 1 Comment

Some movies morph easily from book to the silver screen. So it is with The Painted Veil. No one does characters like WS Maughm…and Edith Wharton. Maughm gives good book; you just have to be patient. I watched The Painted Veil last night, into the wee hours. Couldn’t help it. Excellent pacing, beautiful photography but as usual with Maughm, it was the characters that kept me there ’til the movie finished. I cried before I went upstairs to bed where I put my arms around HM.


New STL fave: Ginger Bay Salon & Spa in Kirkwood.

I didn’t use the spa part yet. I went for a haircut. Everything about it perfectly suited; it was a busy place, even at 6 p.m. (many aren’t) and I like busy; the stylists age-range was 20- to 50-something; same range for the customers; smelled good (very important); beautiful reception area and boutique; salon was clean, well set up, well thought out; good lighting (also very important); the stylists were trained in the flow of meeting and greeting, styling and staying with customers right up to the check-in-check-out counter. Price is reasonable, comparatively.

If you have a yen for a new look or a pick-me-up and want a cheerful expert stylist who won’t overpower you with conversation, tatoos or lies about how you look, try Susan.

There’s just something right about the place.

Gotta run.

PS Forgot to mention how many Coach bags I saw at Ginger Bay: 7, including one wristlet.


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  • R.Wick says:

    Susan is very good – especially with color. Susie is a loyal customer. I was for a bit. She, admittedly, is excellent with straight hair and so-so with curly hair. Thus the venture onward – the curly girl’s curse. Ginger Bay does have a great ambiance – spa and salon. I’ve done both. Ah, the spa. Can we go right now?

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