Sat a.m. without coffee…facing a few hours at the office

March 1, 2008 § 3 Comments


Knee highs from Talbots…sure you can purchase them elsewhere and far cheaper but this little 2-pack, $7 I think, was worth it. They wash, (inadvertently) go through the dryer and still come out perfect and stay up. OK, it’s a bit much to wax on and on about knee highs and I wouldn’t go out of my way to make such a purchase but I was there. Lucky for me. Talbot fashion makes your lip curl? When’s the last time you tried something of theirs?


If I go to the office, just for a few hours, I can stop for an excellent real out-of-the-house coffee, a “venti,” on the way.

If I go to the office and leave HM snoring happily, I may, upon my return, likely talk him into heading to SLAM (the Art Museum) later today. While he may not care a fig for the special quilting exhibit (which I am compelled to see in my quest to be more eclectic and skilled), he is always willing to stroll the second floor through the Moderns and also the Art Films.

If I head to Trader Joe’s, I must not go there already hungry.

If I write today, it will be in longhand.


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§ 3 Responses to Sat a.m. without coffee…facing a few hours at the office

  • Nora says:

    so what did you decide to do? i exercised, napped, did my nails, walked the dog and so far… that’s it!

  • oh says:

    I had a delicious lazy weekend after working at the office for 3 hours, coming home to vacuum, grocery shop and tool around a bit in a few shops.

    We watched movies and above all, engaged in one of the things that had me fall in love with HM in the first place – long interesting hand-holding conversations at the table dining room table.

    And got outdoors into the sunlight!

  • dkzody says:

    Love Talbots, have lots of their clothes in my closet and also their shoes on my feet. i have to order the shoes online as the stores don’t carry wides, but if they don’t fit, the store will gladly take them back.

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