March 4, 2008 § 2 Comments

book light

Doing tax stuff. Want it quiet. Big dog panting. Beagle whining for a spot on the couch. HM snoring. TV too loud, too soft. Thirsty. Stiff from sitting so long.

Wow. This reminds me of meeting a writing deadline. That little thing called “procrastination.” Hippy calls it “spinning in her chair” cuz that’s what she does when trying to get her lead sentence on paper. Spins and examines how her chair works and is adjusted.


A pop trash Fave: Streaming movies on my laptop from Netflix. You don’t even having to request and receive it in the mail. Just get it right away.Not all Netflix movies will stream or “play” as they label it on their lists but it’s worth it for the ones that do.  La Vie en Rose is available for laptop viewing. Right now…hmmm…maybe? nah.

Writer’s fave: My MightyBright.  It’s a nifty book light, with intense power and it’s very light. It clips to the book or document without a flip flop or a waffle. It uses 3 AAAs but comes with an adapter (never use it. The baby As last a year, and that’s with some intense in-bed, under-the-sheets reading.) It was a gift from Snarl.

Honestly, the thing could light up a small parking lot. Every writer should have one cuz when not writing, one could be reading. Or, at least reading oneself to sleep.


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  • laylou says:

    hey! how did you do the picture thing? i want to know 🙂

  • oh says:

    I’m not sure but went to section below where you write your post, uploaded a picture, chose full view and bam (sort of), there it was. But I apparently tried four times because I originally had the picture in the blog four times.

    I tried it uploading some pictures from my new camera but the picture file is too huge and won’t let me use those. I’ll figure it out, though.
    I’m sure this doesn’t help but can talk you through it on the phone tomorrow during lunch if you like.

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