Go figure…

March 12, 2008 § 1 Comment

An employee went postal today because a hyphen was inserted in a compound word. Geez. Take a vacay, baby, or check the meds.

No runs in my qual nylons but they look all snaggy.

A story is bubbling up to the surface: I have character, place, time, etc., at the ready to be inked. But two Netflix movies just came in the mail.  Mmmmm….procrastination in one of its many guises.

The dogs think it’s spring (because they don’t watch the weatherman) and stopped answering to their names outdoors. Some would say it’s cuz they’re old and deaf. But that’s not it. Watch them. See Huck run. See Bear follow.

It’s 7 pm. It’s still light outside. Where is the ice cream truck? What, wrong season?


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