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March 12, 2008 § Leave a comment

You don’t have to be a member of the Ethical Society to go there for excellent events. It is good, however, to be ethical overall.

A medium-size order of french fries is never a stopgap to a real dinner. Don’t bother just because it’s a drive in.

The “lack” of Hwy 40 for the next two years is far less easy to adapt to than one might have thought.

If you tell a STL urbanite that you like one of their stores or parks, they puff up proudly and riff on it (in a way akin to Al Gore and his Internet invention). Come on, the suburbs are cool, too. You just have to look closely.

 There is so much you can do, see, experience and share in a day without a 9-5 schedule. Wow. Some of us are soooo much more fun that I realized or remembered.

If you’re a writer in this city-county area, you must, you absolutely must have friends who also write. Or, you will go crazy here on the prairie. (Although one local editor of a lifestyle mag that most of us have graduated away from informed me once that this is not a prairie. Ah, well, I beg to differ. Surely said editor has not left the area in quite some time nor gazed down upon it from an airplane. Besides, I like to use expansive geological terms. Prairie. This place is a piece of the prairie.)

Now somewhere in this house, Asian music is playing and I must discover it’s source. Snarl is home…music is afoot.


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