After last week’s (already?!) surprise birthday bash…

March 21, 2008 § Leave a comment

A thank you list, also including faves:

The Ritz

$13 raspberry mojitos

open-armed surprise (walking into a room of remarkable friends and hugs)

 JBucks (with a private party room)

plank grilled salmon

 leather-bound journals

wine & merriment and several wine connoisseurs at the table, a very long table!

seeing RG after nearly a year and it’s like it was just yesterday, and Doc S and his joie de vivre

Hank’s cheesecake

reading glasses

1 candle on my birthday cake(s)

laughing with Deni, our heads tilted back; and her B, so engaged in being there and enjoying everything

beautiful Nor who knows how to make the guest of honor feel like royalty

Snarl and Lexi, comfortable and funny, open and conversant in the midst of old friends and strangers

Lacarr and Doc, all smiles, and veritable anchors in the sea of years we’ve known each other

Babu and Hippy who love parties and smile from the inside out and reach out to everyone

singing at the table, from “HB” to “I’ve Just Seen a Face.”

champagne, too

surprising everyone with a complete night off, no worries, no preparation, no dishes. No requirements other than to laugh and relax.

excellent servers, quietly there with anything anyone needed or requested and also supplying treats (a fantastic gold pen, a candle on my dinner roll, an extra dessert, etc.)



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