Friday on my mind…a 5-minute list

March 28, 2008 § 3 Comments

My literary mood is lifting.

The work day will be accomplished in a NY minute.

Will use my tennis shoes at lunchtime (not as a sandwich! to walk, of course, to march around the corporate complex … unless it rains).

So, what are we doing tonight? I dunno.

I’d choose Maplewood’s piano bar over B&N. (what? did she really say that?)

I’d take browsing the SLAM, which is open ’til 9.

Or, how about a blowout spree at Frontenac (something one could accomplish in a single walk-through at Neiman Marcus.)

Maybe I’ll pitch SAUCE on an amazing idea if I can catch them on the phone today to set something up.

Stay tuned.

What are you doing tonight? It is Friday after all!

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§ 3 Responses to Friday on my mind…a 5-minute list

  • Nora says:

    I plan on cleaning the castle, twirling around the mall to look for a dress that fits for the rehearsal dinner next friday and crashing early. it’s been a l-o-n-g week. i’m quite possibly the most exciting 24 year old i know.

  • R.Wick says:

    My Friday list…Clean house to a sparkle before work – two prospective buyers coming by today, A whirlwind of Friday activity on the work front – sure to leave me dizzy, NAG (Neighborhood Association of Girls) meeting at Boogaloo in Maplewood for mojitos and laughter, Meet the boys around 8:30 at Lester’s or Sportsman’s Park for beer and basketball, and, finally…..BED! Sad as it may seem, getting some sleep may top my want list. Oh, but I will enjoy it all.

  • oh says:

    OK, we like to clean. I mean we really like it. Probably cuz it makes us feel good. So I too shall join the cleaning bandwagon but NOT ’til Sat a.m.

    Leaving work feels good, too. I kissed a 5 p.m. walkout goodbye, though. A definite flurry began just after lunch, along with several dozen snafus from the other offices calling in. Finally at 6:15 I ran out of the building, laughing all the way to my car – oh, gladsome me to be free in the spring evening!
    (Meanwhile, in Mwood and the Valley, RWick and Nora had already begun their Friday evenings.)

    That’s cool, that’s ok. HM is taking me out to dinner. For a real dinner. With linen tablecloths and the sound of silverware and crystal. And gorgeous tasty food. “Gorgeous” is my new word.

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