Quick, tell me! What’s on your nightstand? (books, I mean)

April 15, 2008 § 5 Comments

You know those party games (’50s-centric?) where the hostess brings out a tray of objects and you have 20 seconds to look at them before she whisks it away, produces pen and paper for all the gamesters, and each has to write down what they remember seeing on the tray? I usually was rather good at it, greatly because I knew the hostesses (especially if they were a friend’s mom) and the kinds of things each would put on the guess-this tray. I remember winning a necklace with my initial on it. How did the hostess know that a “D” would win the game? I didn’t care. It was a gold initial on a wooden circle set in a gold chain. Quite the thing at the time. I was delighted and no I wasn’t going to trade it with Debbie or Donna or Delia, all of whom were at the party. (And I wondered how the hostess just happened to have “my” intial on a necklace?)

Anyway, that’s the test I am presently giving myself as I stand here in the kitchen making coffee. What books are on the bedside table? What choices will I have in another couple of hours, after HM and I chat, watch Boston Legal, and walk the dogs?

I think the pile has these to offer:

Naked – Sedaris

Granta (#100 – but I can’t think of the theme)

Another Granta (ditto on the theme problem)

The Many Lives and Sorrows of Josephine B (an easy read, historical, entertaining)

My Cousin Rachel – Daphne DuMaurier – I just HAD to have that book, read the first 10 pages about three months ago and haven’t gone any farther.

Lonesome Dove – OK, I’m thinking that’s going to be for summer vacation. All I know it, it is often lauded for its dialogue and its shifting point of view without explanation yet it works. So, I will press on.

The Golden Notebook- Lessing.  A gift. Another long long book. The anticipation of it also equals enjoyment.

Murder in Gramercy Square – V Thompson.  New to my “collection.”  This little series has won me in the “quick and engaging nighttime read” category.

I think I’m missing some of the books in the stack; I do know however that it is getting higher than  my lamp, so either I need a taller lamp or must start stacking books underneath it. Hey, that’s a good idea.

What’s on your nightstand?

Oh, and hats off to Janice at www.oneminutebookreviews.wordpress.com who continues to inspire my reading and my oh so cool hunt for the next awesome book, whether I get to read it right away or not.


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§ 5 Responses to Quick, tell me! What’s on your nightstand? (books, I mean)

  • iamfrankanthony says:

    So I saw this post while perusing the site and it got my interest, thought it would be fun to play! Im rather new still to wordpress , so a huge hello!! Im Frankie, native new yawker, exiled (itseems sometimes) to miami florida. 🙂

    anyway, lets see just what is on my nightstand. Like you i love reading and have piles of books already read, and yet to be read. Lately it seems I just cant find the time..

    The Children of Cthulhu -chilling new tales inspired by Lovecraft

    Anansi Boys- Neil Gaiman : His writing has always touched me, fantastic and very evokative of emotions ( spelled that wrong didnt I?)

    Blood and Gold – Anne Rice.: Love her vampire novels.

    Tales of the city -Armistead Maupin : one of my all time favorites, Detailing a group of individuals who manage to meet in san francisco in the 70s. Also made into a movie by the same name starring olimpia dukakis. (love her)

    Dune-Frank Herbert : Wonderfully written story, great history ..Herbert creates a fantastic world ( science fiction)

    Imajica-Clive Barker : Fantastic story of worlds other than our own, and the journey’s of some men to leave his mark in them. Magic love loss and self discovery and forgiveness.

    I have a host of others but ill stop there. Im a huge fan of horror fiction and some fantasy, tho some stories as “tales of the city” are the rare jewels in the ruff ( diamonds i know 😛 )


  • paisleyandplaid says:

    Literally on the night stand:
    Atlas Shrugged (7 months) — Rand
    The Bean Trees — Kingsolver
    High Jinx — Buckley
    Eats, Shoots, and Leaves
    Winner of the National Book Award — Willett

    Thanks, from another literary topics blogger.

  • oh says:

    Iamfrank, I enjoyed Maupin’s premier novel and the movie! Have not dabbled in scifi other than Nancy Kress but wonder if maybe I should have a look…

    Paisley, I have to find High Jinx – Totally new to me!

  • Nora says:

    Mr. Darcy Takes a wife– Linda Berdoll : have been trying to read it for over eight months at least. I have only 100 pages left.

    Ballet Shoes & Theater Shoes- Noel Streatfield: gift from you! I bick up Ballet Shoes on occasion when I need to get away from the montony of the next book

    Operations & Project Management- three boring old guys: for school. Gets read only on Monday and Tuesday nights

    The Venetian Mask: purchased yesterday at Target for my trip to Vegas

    The 22 immutable Laws of Marketing: a book for work that i have YET to read. ssshhh… don’t tell the boss

    Walking in Circles before lying down: borrowed from you. read and loved. need to return

    *** ******
    none of my books are nearly as cool as yours. I will definitely be raiding your shelves once I’m done with grad school.

  • iamfrankanthony says:

    Have you ever gone on to read the sequels? If not I highly recommend them. I cant get enough of his writing. I actually bumped into Armistead Maupin in san francisco once around 10 years + ago. (wow its been a while) . I was entering an antique shop off castro, he was exiting and I made an absolute fool of myself when I bumped into him and realized it was him. Needless to say he was very kind and amiable. It made my trip.


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