The top shelf

April 19, 2008 § Leave a comment

We’re touring our house, looking to see that everything’s OK. In the library, we notice that some of the candles jumped to the edge of the mantel, that the brass cricket on the hearth was rattled to the brick’s edge, that a postcard tucked behind a picture frame slipped, and that some of the books on some of the shelves have shifted.

What do Alice Munro’s MOONS OF JUPITER, Barrett SHIP FEVER, Huffington’s PICASSO, Zimmer Bradley’s MISTS OF AVALON, Shatner’s STAR TREK, Dumas’ THREE MUSKETEERS and Milford’s ZELDA have in common? They are on a top shelf, one far out of my reach, and all were moved, in random unison, to perch precariously over the shelf’s edge. Odd.

They are getting a nice dusting and rearrangement to be flanked by candles from HM’s own craftwork.

Mother Nature has us all in a snowglobe which she likes to shake from time to time.  Her randomness is both our fortune and misfortune.  Yet, we are all stronger than we realize.


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