April 28, 2008 § 1 Comment

Sunday was supposed to be rainy and it was, later in the day. However the crystalline spring morning allowed for my walk. I trudged along for the first half of it wondering why I even bothered and wishing I had at least brought along my MP3 player or even a Moleskine and pen in my pocket. But, no. This was the business of walking.

Trudge, trudge, trudge. Maybe I should have driven to the park and then walked around there. A ludicrous idea: if one needs to walk (for all kinds of reason not the least of which is to get fresh air on one’s skin), then walk it is.

As I passed the house where the crazy dog lives, there was a bird singing so loudly, I was compelled to stop and look up, trying to spot him. I had no idea what bird could trill such a tune. Clever fellow – he was completely camouflaged. But he snapped me out of my trudge-trudge attitude.

I don’t even remember the hill, going up it, then down, then having to come back and doing it in the reverse sequence. Usually, it’s a bear.

Back home, whistling now (rarely done – like chewing gum in public, ladies don’t whistle, I was taught), I glanced at the clock. Still early. I opened the sliding doors to let in the fresh air and the neighborhood’s Sunday sounds. And I began the cleaning I’ve envisioned for weeks. Cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer. That kind of cleaning.

And then it began. The sneezing and wheezing. I grabbed Kleenex and kept going. By the time HM came downstairs for his coffee, my eyes had taken on the scary proportions of something out of a bad horror movie.

“Take something?” he asked, already knowing the answer.


He closed the doors and turned on the a/c. Finally, my nose stopped jangling and the sneezing subsided. My eyes however, no. They were permanently puffed, I knew it, a look I’d have to adapt to.

I now regarded the outdoors as the enemy.  I stood looking out the window with the big dog. He wagged his tail, seeing a squirrel. I sighed. Lucky I got my walk in. 

Later, it rained. The sky stayed dark. We had to shop. I dug out my celebrity sunglasses.

“I’m ready,” I announced. HM smiled. “Doing the MaryKate and Ashley thing?” As we got in the car, I noticed the pollen, a thick yellow dust all over both cars and the driveway. When did that happen? How had I not noticed on my early morning walk?

I’ll walk tomorrow even if I have to wear a mask. OK, maybe not a mask but at least having popped a Claritin. I’ll bet that bird is still singing in the big tree at the crazy dog’s house.


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  • Nora says:

    I hear that! Those darn little bags of pollen laying outside my apartment building’s door get me every time. I also don’t think it helps that Jack probably brings some pollen in on him. I did the cleaning on Saturday… mopped and dusted away the pollen and turned the air on. The windows and french doors remain closed.

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