10 Gifts for a Bookaholic (mom)

May 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

Although these are numbered, they are not in any particular order:

1) Movie-and-the-book combo packs. Give the book AND the DVD, like:

Chocolat by Joann Harris and Miramax; Heartburn, Norah Ephron; Room with a View, E.M. Forster and Miramax; Memoires of a Geisha (where the two are rather different)…you get the idea

2) Time (do a homemade coupon or something) for 2 hours ‘free’ with no phone, no errands, no anything but swing time on the front porch with her favorite book

3) Gift card to Barnes & Noble

4) A unique blank journal although the typical type will do fine, ‘specially if inscribed somehow. Check here for some ideas: www.jennibick.com/

5) Starbucks gift card (or the like)…(no, no, gift cards are NOT cheesey)

6) A magazine subscription (you know her; you choose which one. You can’t go wrong. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving, at least for a year)

7) Books on tape, er, CD: examples – Novels are good but short stories, humor and non-fiction are great and interruptable, for short trips like work commutes. Poetry! don’t forget poetry. Everyone enjoys being read to and that’s what’s so nice about these CDs.

8 ) A bookshelf. Great or small.This is something that bookaholics are always always in dire need of.

9) A hammock. Even if you don’t have a backyard, these go nicely on decks and balconies. And in gardens.

10) Real flowers, in very cool Euro pots, accompanied by a book on gardening or fiction or poetry with the word “garden” or “flowers” in the title.  Or, paired with the DVDs of the Channel 9/BBC Rosemary and Thyme TV series.


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