Craving baseball…

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Sometimes you need to get out and about, not for business or parties, not for anything other than to be in the crowd, watching a baseball game. I am part of the Cardinal Nation though I don’t watch every bit of every game, even when I’m at Busch. Baseball is so much more than those 9 innings at play on the field.

I have been known to take a VOGUE with me, especially if HM has Snarl or another guy who knows every in and out of the game along. Once they get into the “stats” language, I read Wintour’s view on Runway things and glance up now and then to see how the game is progressing. But Snarl has long since dissuaded me from magazines, or even from writing notes to myself. Look. Watch. Learn. He’s right.

A stadium is a very comfortable place and I’ve been in several of them: Toronto (Skydome?); NYC’s Yankee stadium; Chicago’s Wrigley Field; and of course Busch, the old and now the new one.

I once wrote an article on How to be a Good Fan but it was a piece of crap. So many have written so many excellent essay, columns and books about the game, I salute them.

You gotta read other people’s work sometimes as a gauge to where you are on topic/skill level. In terms of writing about baseball, I belong in a “mom” kind of magazine or a Ladies Home Journal kind of publication (to which I no longer aspire). 

I do not read a lot of baseball stuff except Roger Angell.  Angell could write about walking from his living room to his patio and I would read it and be enamored.

Anyway, the other night, I did have The New Yorker stuffed in my bag in case, you know, the game wasn’t “happening,” but the people around us (strangers, all) were engaging, and I never even once considered reading instead of ‘being there.’


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