no time at all…

June 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

Things that shouldn’t take up time on the clock.

Taking a shower. Twenty minutes of hot water? Yup. And I can’t remember whether or not I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair,, dammit.

Working at the PC. One emails, two emails, one ms page, two ms pages, five ms pages…oops. Shouldn’t I be at work right now? Should I call in, say “I’m running late?” or just let it go? Don’t call. Just go.

Walking the dog. While the dog reads the neighborhood like his morning paper, I get lost in birdsong, in ruminating (on anything), the rhythm of walking, the freedom of non-connectedness. How much time can a dog take? Not long. The dogwalker? Now that’s another story, especially if Denwoods Hill is part of the walk.

Deciding what to wear? No time at all. If you’re a fireman. Or my co-worker, who lays her clothes out the night before. I did that in junior high school. Not now.  The black and white blouse looks lifeless with the black pants. The linen skirt is pathetic paired with the buttoned cardigan. And the shoes, the shoes! Why aren’t there more shoe choices in the closet?  This can be a 25 minute exercise, including bling pairings. Then another five minutes to run back upstairs to unplug the hairdryer and change earrings  having already gotten into the car with purse and lidded coffee. And, while back upstairs in the master suite, also searching for a watch (ironically, I love a snazzy watch), what’s that on the TODAY show? I’ll just take a minute and see where in the world Matt Lauer is.

What about you? Any activities wherein time seems to (or should) stop?


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§ 2 Responses to no time at all…

  • Mountain Mama says:

    Time stops when following around a three-year-old, who is so intensely in the here and now that it’s easy to forget what you were going to do next. It simply doesn’t matter. What matters is holding on to the time with this little person with all her ideas, and observations, and ability to make each moment fun! I would love for you to list my two blogs on your blogroll: and I love reading yours. You touch on those thinks we should take more time to savor and think about. Hugs.

  • Nora says:

    well it has been awhile, but time seems to stop on a really great date. the kind where you talk over each other because you have so much you want to say, staying up entirely too late and quite possibly continuing the conversation through a phone call.

    Often when I’m babysitting/nannying, I feel that time should stop. The fact that little kids let me into their lives with welcoming arms is a genuine pleasure.

    And those really fun family vacations… think back to London, Sanibel (when is the next one???), too.

    (p.s. i can help with the blogroll next time i’m around if you need it..)

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