Word counts..

June 8, 2008 § 2 Comments


I just “joined” Fess Up Friday yesterday (saturday) so figure I don’t have to post my word counts ’til next Friday, the 13th. The date better not be significant.

I’ve worked on the book this morning to the tune of about 250 words which seems to be all I can eek out daily thanks to the blessed sun which the midwest has not seen for lo, many weeks. And so blame the weather; it has me running outdoors with my camera. (You’re not swallowing this, I can tell).

But here’s what I have since there are now others to answer to (which is great):

Book word count –  past three days: 750

Journal word count: 150 (done nicely, in small, euro-type handwriting)

Email word count (doing research, requesting info, etc): easily 1,000

Not  including word counts from Work (tech writing)

Reading count:

5 essays in Sedaris’s NAKED: I dunno – 25 pages;

finished the April 21 New Yorker;

reading May VOGUE;

And then…

People in this household would like assistance with creating real meals and having clean laundry from time to time.

Go figure. More later.


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§ 2 Responses to Word counts..

  • bkmackenzie says:

    Love the sounds of your life, reading, writing and arithmatic(word counting). Who needs to eat, forget about dust — Words take on a life of their own – why can’t others understand that?

    Enjoy your weather —MagCritic

  • oh says:

    I dunno why others don’t always get it – the magic…but thanks, MagCritic. And yes, I DID get outdoors yesterday, plenty! Bliss.

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