June 11, 2008 § 1 Comment

This is where I was last night. At Cicero’s. ‘Til nearly midnight. The Fairgrounds is a good little indie band. Snarl will likely join them. He offered me ear plugs during their performance but I declined them. Love the real sound experience. Yawned all the way home as though we were climbing mountains. Hearing has returned.

Once I got home, and unfortunately got a second wind, I had to pick up a book to read whereas HM hit the pillow and, zonk! I read more of NAKED but, did I get any writing done? Ahahaha. Later. Later today.

When did writers stop having patrons? Oh, to while (or is it wile) away some time at one’s own desk…


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  • Nora says:

    sorry i couldn’t stick it out last night as well. i was exhausted. great pics though! don’t forget to email me the ones i like so i can revamp my blog/myspace/facebook, because, you know, that’s so important. xoxo

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