Monday Pact…

June 16, 2008 § 5 Comments

I will write this week and not moan about, describe or babble on about it.

I will limit my comment, if any, to “hello” and “I enjoyed reading it” on other people’s blogs. Because that’s true; those that I read regularly are very enjoyable on several levels: pictures, info, attitude, etc. They deserve to know that.

I will do my 8-10 hours a day at the office, then leave it behind as soon as I’m headed home. 

I will (try to) post pictures that are interesting to others. No birds, no flowers, at our kidz request.

I will log my writing time on Fess Up Friday in terms of hours, not word count.

I will drink lots of water, use car time for coming up with character names (one of my greatest difficulties – most of my characters are people who drift through plots namelessly) and I will try to find Jan Harayda’s book MANHATTAN ON THE ROCKS without having to order it online. (Yes, I get one “treat” per week of a book-ish sort).


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§ 5 Responses to Monday Pact…

  • Simonne says:

    This post made me style. I love your style!
    I’m also pretty hopeless with character names and usually resort to The Random Name Generator ( to do some of the work for me – terrible cop out I know!

  • nora says:

    look forward to the pictures 🙂

  • oh says:

    Simonne – I know some people rely greatly on character names or are just plain good at them…like Dickens and TJ Boyle. And yet somehow, I get the person before I get the name – the name generator you mention sounds great and I”ll check it out, thanks!

    Oh, Nora, the pictures! I will send them asap. (or have them “muled” over to you – just kidding!)

  • Simonne says:

    I just read my first sentence! OOPS! I hope you assumed I meant to say ‘smile’!!
    Yes, it is a good site to help come up with some different names 🙂

  • oh says:

    Yes, I saw the smile! (as for the pictures, no kidding, my family teases me greatly about taking “still life” pictures…so I’m trying to focus on more action type shots)

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