Fess up Friday…6/20

June 20, 2008 § 1 Comment

First, let’s review how the Monday pact with myself has worked out so far:

1) I did not complain about writing or having to write this week.

2) I was good in “blogworld” this week and did not natter on and on in the comment boxes of blog acquaintances. I did however find that it is difficult to just say “hello.”

3) I did my 8-10 hours at the office and did NOT carry it home with me at all (except on Wed nite when LaCarr and I got together on her back porch and took good hard looks at our daytime careers. What we realized/decided is food for several other blog entries).

4) While I didn’t post interesting pictures, I did refrain from posting birds and flowers. But the Monday pact is OVER beginning tomorrow (it was only for five days, you see) so I can return to my flora, fauna, furry and feathered friends in our backyard.

5) I have been drinking tons of water.

6) I did NOT use my car time to come up with character names but I did develop several characters. I’m just hoping they’re not all the same person, you know, different aspects of the same person.

7) I didn’t find Harayda’s book yet but will do so this weekend.

Now for some fessin’ up (in terms of hours, not word count, which is kinda cheating but not really):  I spent about 4 hours writing emails to cull info for a book I’m putting together at the request of a respected publisher ( you never know where your writing projects are going to come from and what they’re going to be!). I spent approx two hours reading email responses and filing them for editing over the weekend. I spent zero (0) time writing fiction. I spent zero (0) time writing in my journal (where things get “developed.”) But I spent about two hours total in my car planning several pieces/stories. I am ready to write when this other project is submitted (june 30). Oh, and about two hours total reading a mystery set in turn-of-the-century NYC.

So, does any of that count?

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