Books that didn’t work…(for me)

June 23, 2008 § 1 Comment

Nope, not trying to be negative. Just sharing and maybe tweaking your summer reading list, and maybe you could suggest how to get through the ones below that I have not yet finished.

THE FAITH OF A WRITER: LIFE, CRAFT, ART by Joyce Carol Oates: Great out of the box but as it progressed, too professorial/academic and not enough of her anecdotal experience. (finished it, though)

SOCIAL CRIMES by Jane Hitchcock– “older” chick lit that started out well but pitfell into a murder that just, well, didn’t fit. (finished it, though)

LONESOME DOVE by Larry McMurty- I shouldn’t complain yet. I haven’t passed page 100 as I write this. But it’s…just…not…going…well…as in intriguing, fun, aha.  I do like Texas. I do like man lit.  I do love horses, and I prize independence and those who act cooly independent and smart. Yup, I’m sure this one will draw me in but, when? (not finished)

UNDER THE TUSCAN SUN:AT HOME IN ITALY by Frances Mayes – Even the shallow movie worked better for me than the book. And,  the book and movie don’t even mirror one another. So, my book mark rests somewhere around page 121 and I blow the dust off the top of pages from time to time when I clean. (not finished)

THE YELLOW LIGHTED BOOKSHOP by Lewis Buzbee- I had heard from a frantic book collector/reader/writer that this was a prize pick at a book fair in NYC two years ago. That was enough recommendation for me. But it has too much on the history which would be good if it were not so broad and therefore faintly disinteresting.  And then there’s not enough on the human and anecdotal, even on his past as a reader, so…kaput. Not sure to whom I might give this one. It’s a nice little hardcover. Oddly, I like him, the author. I can tell. But…just…not…that…into…his…book. (not finished)

BEACH HOUSE by Paterson and DeJonge: Ok, no. Way too disturbing. Hey, I’m not a prude. You gotta realize that I am the one, however, who stopped watching Medium and CSI Miami (although I would like to know how things are going for H’s son). (not finished, in fact, barely begun)

MY COUSIN RACHEL by Daphne DuMaurier:  Oh, I just had to have this book, didn’t I, and finally found it on a bargain shelf. It’s a lovely copy. Maybe if I could just read it uninterruptedly. It’s a period piece so I need a period of time in which to read it. On a rainy day, on the living room couch? Is there room? WIll the beagle move over? (not finished – read about 20 pages…should I wait for a rainy day where I can pretend I’m out on the moors?)

JULIE AND JULIA: MY YEAR OF COOKING OF DANGEROUSLY by Julie Powell. Nothing happens. Don’t give me any “it’s minimal” crap. Nor is it Raymond Carver-ish. Nor is it Weiner-ish. I suspect the author started out with a blog and was told she should write a book (she really IS a good writer) but there’s no tension, no situation, and I kept reading just in case, like Heller’s SOMETHING HAPPENED that if you don’t keep going, you won’t get it. Anyway, I say “no” to this one and bet the movie will be better. But not if they set it in Long Island City. Better to lie (cheat the book) and put it on the West Side, along Riverside Drive. (finished it, though)


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