Fess up Friday…

June 27, 2008 § Leave a comment

I squirm in my seat writing this. The truth: um, if I penned 200 words, that’s an exaggeration. What am I doing? I’m working my ass off at work. I’m chilling with Snarl while he’s home for summer vacay. I’m pow-wowing with HM about what we’re doing on our staycation next week. I’m reading a gaslight mystery because I can’t sit still and concentrate on anything I’ve been meaning to read.

I’m not writing, I’m editing. Book is due Monday.

Here’s a bit more since I’m compelled to fess up:

I hustled two pages for the Marketing Dept to use regarding the book-in-progress. (real life)

I copyedited a 60-page report on geology. (corporate life)

I scanned a book about “books to read depending on your mood.” (returning it to the library) (real life)

I put together a 12-page photo journal with Snarl. He’s giving it as a gift to Coco. (real life)

I wrote 12  one-page biographies for an academic white paper. (corporate life)

Egads, that’s it.


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