STAYcay…day 2

July 1, 2008 § Leave a comment


HM and I are doing the staycation. It is bliss. There is only one rule: no one has to cook. Get your own or go out.

And because we aren’t flying anywhere (even with points) or staying in our fave luxe resort (Sanibel), finding boutique eateries has become a sport. Sort of. (I gotta tell you about the Cupcakery in the Central West End, but that’s for another entry.)

However, it is only day 2, and already general lolling about has become de rigueur. (And yet, why is it so easy to wake up early when one does not have to?)

After reading tons of other bibliophiles’ lists, I have compiled my four-day reading binge (pictured) which does not, surprisingly, consist of enjoying one huge major always-wanted-to-read book. I thought it might, and I paged through THE CONFESSIONS and GRAVITY’S RAINBOW, but no. I think those might be “winter books.”

I kept going through one of the three stacks in the master suite (feng shui says not to have bookcases in one’s room; too active – that’s bolderdash) and before I even reached the bottom of stack #1, I found these that I want to a) finish or b) open for the first time and finish. In four days? Um, yeah, I hope so.

CELTIC QUEST is a gorgeous book, from Mum, on Mother’s Day. It straddles the line between pleasure reading and coffee table adornment. But honestly, if you held it in your hand, you’d have to look within/read, also.

BEST AMERICAN TRAVEL WRITING 2000: This  is how I’m traveling this week. Without leaving. No, I’m not an armchair traveler by nature. I just really want to see a) what elements comprise “best travel writing” and b) whether any of the selections involve places I want to go or have been. (Why “2000?” I got it at a book sale.)

THIS BOY’S LIFE (referenced in an earlier blog) by T Wolff: Fortunately, I have not seen the movie. Reportedly this one breaks a lot of rules. I am totally in favor of writers breaking rules.

RESISTANCE by Anita Shreve: I do not remember buying this; I think Mum left it here. It’s my chick lit/pure escape/yes-I-enjoy Shreve (as I did Benchy) summer reading fun.

finish…MURDER IN WASHINGTON SQUARE – It’s not chick lit. It’s just pure entertainment. And this one is nearly done so finishing it only counts if I pair it with finishing Lamott, below.

finish..Lamott’s GRACE (eventually) – Will be easy to finish.  Maybe right now.

I’d like to squeeze in one of the two sci-fi selections that Harayda mentioned. Will I have time?


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