Best of Lists…on any given day

July 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

The thing about any “best of…” list is that it will change on any given day according to the list writer’s mood. Or experience. Seriously. I’ve been a part of several magazine’s “best of” articles. Yes, the editor-in-chief can nullify a entry, but overall, it’s written by experienced writers in various categories. (go ahead, ask me a design question!) But if you ask those same editor/writers to create the list a month from now, their responses will very likely be different (save for those using surveys/posts/stats).

So with any luck, we will keep reading these lists to not always find BEOWULF on ‘best books’ lists and CITIZEN KANE on ‘best movies’ lists.

If asked my favorite book (today), I’d have to respond with Dillard’s AN AMERICAN CHILDHOOD.

If asked my favorite movie, today, without having to give any reason at all, I’d say OUT OF AFRICA.

What are yours?


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§ 2 Responses to Best of Lists…on any given day

  • laylou says:

    Childhood book? A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.
    Movie? The Notebook or The Holiday
    Best book since childhood? A Farewell to Arms

  • oh says:

    Trying to do nothing but read but your father is making me laugh and engages me in his gardening, deep discussions and “hey, let’s go here!” so that I have read only a bit of what I had planned. A FAREWELL TO ARMS, really? Guess I’d better read it, too.

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