Fess up Fridayyyyy…(vacay mode)

July 4, 2008 § 1 Comment

In a nutshell:

wrote about 300 words (in journal – it’s paltry, i know, but hey, I’m on vacay and someone is always asking “what do you want to do next?” and it would be rude to say “leave me alone, I’m writing”);

finished two books, started another (it’s easier to squeeze in reading than it is writing simply because reading is passive and allows stolen moments, i.e., while waiting for people to get ready to go out, while sitting in the bank drive-thru, while sunning);

wrote four well-constructed emails to get info for a query/project;

watched LARS AND THE REAL GIRL and concentrated on the script to get a feel for what/how it worked;

made a huge decision: will attack fiction via the short story world, realizing (finally) that a novel is not my “game” and so I am ready to leap onto the paper because some of my novel idea translates far better into “short.” So, maybe today, before anyone is stirring and before someone mixes up rum-yummies for lunch…


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§ One Response to Fess up Fridayyyyy…(vacay mode)

  • laylou says:

    i like the new design. Glad to hear you like Lars and the Real Girl. Told you it was different, but good!

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