July 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

Went to bookstore as distraction (at lunchhour but only once this week); read and edited hours and hours of tech papers (eyes so tired could only manage TV at night -pathetic); all summer reads sit waiting including new purchase of HOUSE ON MANGO ST and CATHEDRAL (no chicklit indulgences); wrote about 700 words longhand in journal; sent no letters and few emails (sorry HippySue and Nory); thanks to Write On Wednesday , did some serious “write thinking” and also sketched out a query (but what if it gets a “yes?”, no wait,  what if it gets a “no?” – worse: what if it doesn’t get mailed? OK, so it will); and read Fritz’s poems which she sent snail mail (ah, the luxury of a fat letter in one’s hand!) much to my delight. This week’s sustaining factor? Inspiration sparking all around from other write-bloggers and colleagues, even as I plodded at my desk with other people’s stuff…hello, writing weekend!
(picture at Missouri Botanical Garden: Linnaeus House, and just might go sit there tomorrow morning)


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§ 2 Responses to FessUpFriday…

  • lalber says:

    Cheers to a productive writing weekend! I probably won’t do anything in the writing department this weekend…Do you ever get that brain-tired feeling? That’s me at moment. Hopefully, I’ll revive by Monday.

  • oh says:

    Lisa – it’s working! I mean, I’m working. And I’ll bet you’ll be back at it after a “recharging” weekend.

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