Quick! Name some books that…

July 15, 2008 § 3 Comments

Without looking, without moving from your seat, without squinting at the shelves or calling out to anyone else in the house to check for you, name some books that have been sitting on your shelf (or nightstand) for at least two years (come on, I’m not the only one who has brand new books sitting here waiting) and tell why you haven’t cracked them open yet.

Yes, you know they are there. You look at them every time you’re hunting for something to read…and yet, you pass them over. What are their titles? Why aren’t you reading them yet? I was going to gather them up for a picture, but that would be mean, to get them off the shelf for a pic, then reshelve them. They are not bad books, not disapointing, not too this or too that. No, no, it’s just that I haven’t … well … picked … them …up … Or, maybe I do have “collecting” tendencies.

1) FRENCH WOMEN DON’T GET FAT – Mireille Guiliano
It’s a nice looking book; nice paper, nice feel; I bought it in order to review it for a magazine.  But I’m not in any hurry to cook or do wine like a frenchie, though I love doing so when there, in France.  I don’t know; this one has not moved me. Guess cause it’s not bedtime reading nor does it pique my (rather listless) culinary curiosity.

I’m saving it. What for? For a week at the beach. An Atlantic beach. Where there is nothing to do but read, and in so doing, stop now and then to level my gaze across the ocean in what I think is the direction of South Africa.

I have a definite tendency towards books about writing. I always discover some kind of nugget in them. But this one has yet to be opened and experienced. I know it’s good. I gave a  copy to someone as a gift and heard back that she really enjoyed it. I’m just waiting for some “right’ moment to delve in there and see what the author has to say about the different types of writers.

This one is the Forrest Gump of books. Everyone read this one. Everyone talked about it. Everyone loved it. Even non-grammar types. As thrilled as I am that a book of such a nature (apparently) hit the best-selling lists, I am happy to have it smiling at me from the shelf on my dresser’s hutch. I will pack the portable little thing in my giant purse one of these days and open it and laugh over it at lunch and wonder why I didn’t read it sooner. For now, though, it’s just one of those books I am content to own.

Ah, the Finn-ster. That brilliant little Huck of a lad!  The willy nilly feckless footloose fellow!  We even named our beagle after him. But no, I have not thrown myself into the several hundred page novel, not yet! Husband and both kids have done so, cover to cover. Not me. Even with living only two-days-on-foot from Hannibal itself, Huck and Tom’s hometown, I have not yet been overcome with Twain-mania.  There it is, in all its red leather bookcover glory, with gilt-edge pages. It can just wait ’til I lean up against the porchstep with a bit of haystraw in my yap and a hat on my head to begin reading.


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§ 3 Responses to Quick! Name some books that…

  • chicklit1028 says:

    I really enjoyed the Forest For the Trees, but I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been ready for it.

    My books:
    The Little Friend by Donna Tartt– because it’s thick and I’m afraid I’m going to get sucked in and read nothing for months while I finish it.

    A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving — because I feel like I should read it, and therefore do not want to.

    Park City by Ann Beattie — It was a sale book, and just not high on my priority list.

    The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by (I’d have to turn around to spell his name correctly) — This is my “I’m saving it” book. Like you, I have no idea what I’m saving it for.

    The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields — Honestly, I’ve tried taking it off my shelf and putting it next to my bed or near my desk, but it never really calls out to me.

  • Nora says:

    Through a Glass Darkly: mostly becuase it’s so big and not easy to throw in my purse and take places with me.

    Darcy’s Daughters: I FINALLY finished Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife so I need a small break from the Darcy family.

    The Beautiful & the Damned, Fitzgerald: I actually borrowed this one from you, intending to be completely literary and read it as it’s technically a classic. But I haven’t yet.

    I think that’s all for now…

  • oh says:

    Hi, ChickLit – I may have to get into FOREST FOR THE TREES! I did read OWEN and STONE DIARIES; both took time…and focus. Both were gifts, too, which I think prompted me to read them, you know, so I could write a good thank you note. OWEN gave big reward. Very curious about the Ann Beattie one…

    Nor, I loved THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY but could not tell you one thing it was about (great beach read). I think you’ll like the F Scott Fitzgerald, though a bit dated. But I’m an FSF fan, after all!

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