fessupfriday…on Saturday

July 26, 2008 § 4 Comments

Conscience:  Well, Oh, did you write this week? Got anything to say for yourself?
Oh:  I just got home from work and I…
Conscience:  Tch. Tch. Let’s not dance around the issue.
Oh:  Well, I…
Conscience:  Come, come! Fess up, please.
Oh:  If you would just let me…
Conscience:  Really, we haven’t time for this hedging and hawing.
Oh:  OK! I didn’t get a lot done! I worked on my essay which is turning into a story and I have no idea where it’s going. I wrote a few blogs.  I wrote a lot of emails. I made some lists for things we had to get at Home Depot. I made some phone calls. I remembered my brother’s birthday, for Pete’s sake, and called him.
Conscience: Did you send him a card? Did you write him a note?
Oh:  Well, no, I…
Conscience:  There you go again.
Oh:  No, he loves phone calls. We always laugh.
Conscience:  And what about this query that’s pending, hmmmm? This query thing we’ve been hearing about for nigh on two weeks? And what about the short story challenge you made to yourself? Hmmmm?  Hmmm?
Oh:  I…
Conscience:  My, my, not an awful lot to show for a writer, I dare say.
Oh:  Hey, I talked about writing this week.
Conscience:  Well, now you have all weekend. You can bloody well sit down and get something…finished.
Oh:  Fine.
Conscience:  Good. That’s settled, then.
Oh shakes her head and goes to make coffee.

To be continued…


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§ 4 Responses to fessupfriday…on Saturday

  • Andi says:

    Ah! I know this conversation all too well. It’s a common but unproductive one, I fear. The greatest thing about life, someone said, is that each new day we get a chance to start over again. So do that and leave the past where it can be gotten to – exactly where it is.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, and I”ll be back to see yours as well.

  • anno says:

    I always liked Ellen Gilchrist’s solution: somehow she’s contrived a life where she spends 6 months of the year at home with her family, keeping house, playing tennis, spending time with her children & grandchildren, and another 6 months of the year at a writer’s colony where she sits in her room and does nothing but write 8 hours a day. Of course, I think she had to work through 4 marriages to get there, but maybe it was worth it.

  • oh says:

    Andi – always, always good to get renewed perspective – thank you! I wasn’t going to write today; I was just going to get this house in shape, but, heck – it can wait. As long as everyone has clean clothes and they all know how to cook…

    Anno – Aha! It can be done – I knew it. I just need to find a music colony for HM while I do the writer’s colony. In the meantime, I’ll lock myself in my “office” upstairs and scribble away.

  • qugrainne says:

    I consider reading and writing in blogland to be official work time, so you are okay on that! And queries? I won’t even go there. I like the idea of a writing colony 6 months of the year, but I know a few people would object to that, including the bank that holds my mortgage. Ah well. Like you, I just have to squeeze it in somewhere. I think it was Litlove that said, writing just has to be your fabulous hobby that you love. Then there is no pressure. No one says, did you spend time on your hobby this week?
    I think we should include list making as writing time, too.

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