FessUpFriday…and hello, August

August 1, 2008 § 1 Comment


Must get this written and run out the door to the office so in a nutshell, the WRITING aspect of the week comprised working, working, working an essay that is in process with a pre-goal in mind which is likely not the best way to render a piece of writing but I am so used to deadlines, having a market in mind first is usually a determiner but as (gently) mentioned earlier, this essay has turned into a story, a memoir bit really and I see how people come to write them though we are sometimes on paper not nearly as funny or interesting so this essay/story/memoir piece is going to need a Max Perkins type to slog through it with me and get it down to saying something particular; and as for BLOGGING, well, I fell off the blog truck and tried sticking in pictures just to keep my hand in the daily blogging game but that doesn’t fool anyone because it is after all better to come up with some Mcanecdotes than flowers (or horse!) pictures all the time so I’m wondering why there’s nothing more interesting on my camera or in my entries; and when I look at it,there’s been a whole lot of COPYEDITING time this week – a whole lot! – at my desk, at work…but the very cool thing is that now that Anno and one or two others have asked, I have been thinking about writing and coming up with stuff, and as soon as the essay/story is done, well, voila, I have two stories ready to be set down on paper. So what? Well, you can write, even if you’re hand is not moving across the paper or traipsing across the keys, that is, you can have a story to tell and be poised to write it, which is better I think, at the moment, than wanting to write and having nothing to say. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (either).

And apparently, I still have to tackle my use of parentheses.

PS   Snarl has his college textbooks already. One of them is on Ethics in Journalism (yay! started reading it) and another is on the Art of Editing. I read some at the table during dinner, just in snatches, not to be rude, and was surprised to hear what Snarl already knows about some of this stuff. Would love to attend both those classes. Didn’t you ever take this stuff in college? Snarl asked. No, I didn’t. I didn’t fall upon writing, not publicly, not publishingly anyway, ’til long after my BA.


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