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August 3, 2008 § 6 Comments

Sometimes the words won’t come and the closest I can be to paper is to play with it and after drawing in my journal (an utterly ridiculous pasttime because an artist I am not) and still, nothing to write or say, I play with my photos and scissors.

Such was the occasion several weeks ago. Card-making. Something to do with photos that were laying about without album, shoebox or anywhere to call home. Often I’ll tuck the orphan photos into a letter. But when words won’t come, letters to friends and family don’t, either.

HM was working at the dining room table (he refuses a desk at home though I’d love to get him a “Hemingway” desk) and I sat down with him, surrounding my corner of the table with various papers, a cutter, a pile of homeless photos and glue, and started sticking things together.  It seemed like a good thing to do at the time and I have seen many a fine card rendered by others on the Internet (check out Etsy, too). They seem to tap into something magnificent somehow, be it minimal or maximal. I just kept going that day at the table with HM and came up with a few very very homemade looking cards.

One day at work, weeks later, RWick showed me stationery a friend had made for her. It was stunning. Simple. Classy. And packaged in tissue in a large box. A lovely gift. Inspiring. This week I looked at my “paper” stuff.  I have a significant amount of it, collected, and laughed conspiratorially when I saw the piles of quilt stuff Redness showed on her blog.

I shall rage on in an attempt to create something useable. I am surrounded by creativity. It is now only a matter of tapping into it…somehow.

Perhaps the key is two-fold. Clean up my (at-home) office and start better time management, not in a strict way, but in such a way that allows for thinking my way into “create time.”

I will begin today with getting rid of piles of stuff (again) on my writing/craft table.

So many of you manage multi-interests brilliantly. Maybe you plan. Maybe you don’t plan. Maybe I should set a “loose” schedule. Any tips on juggling a full work week, family and productive creative time? 

(momentarily) Stymied

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§ 6 Responses to More paper…

  • deanjbaker says:

    interesting to see

  • chicklit1028 says:

    I love homemade cards. Unfortunately, I’m also trying to figure out how to balance all my interests, so no adding new ones in the meantime. I wish I had some tips, but I don’t. I have found it useful just to pay attention to where my time goes. Some days I can piddle away hours on message boards or surfing and I have to snap myself out of it, and convince myself just to spend an hour on one of my other interests. Good luck!

  • Becca says:

    As much as I love blogging and the interent, it is a huge drain on my time. I’m trying to discipline myself – but it’s not easy! (and I’m breaking one of my rules as we speak!)

  • oh says:

    DJB – thanks for stopping by!

    Oh, I hear you on snapping yourself out of it (in terms of the Internet) and am working on doing that, too! But at least when we write here, it counts as writing.

    Becca – seems like several of us dwaddle on the internet? Should there be a cure – maybe not. How about just more hours in the day?!

  • shoreacres says:

    Good morning, oh,

    I’ve recently begun reading Paul Graham, and found one of his essays directly to your point. Only after reading it did I become aware of how much time the internet was chewing up… Not productive time, true research time, posting or revision or replaying to comments and email time, but just: time.

    You might enjoy the read:

  • oh says:

    Thanks, Shoreacres – I did go read his essay. Good idea, two PCs, one for work, one for surfing. Hmmmm…I am trying the “only 15 minutes” thing, morning and evening. We’ll see…Of course I opened a file I should be working on right now!!!! Back to it.

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