Freakin’ Far…

August 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

Just home from a biz trip. It’s great to travel yet how oddly disruptive to any kind of a schedule regarding family, fitness and writing!  One spends one’s time working, working, working. And spending any “free” time with the people one is working with. Which is also work. And talking about work with them.

Yikes. And I am not a fan of sitting down to a table with strangers and making biz talk. Oh yes, oh yes oh yes, I appreciate (and understand) a million times over what HM does and the constant challenge of it!

Anyway, because of all the goings and comings I was too dogass tired to write down all the million things that went through my head that I SHOULD have written down.  I am not a laptop writer on the road, either. Are you kidding? That thing is wedgede into my briefcase, making it weigh a ton ,btw, and then shoved under the seat. Waaay too much trouble to get it out, balance and repack all the other stuff I have in there, too, then balance it on my lap and write. Ugh. And on the return trip, I stuck my notebook in my suitcase, which I checked in. So I began scribbling on magazine pages which I saved and folded and jammed into briefcase.

It should be very interesting to see what’s really there later today.

I’m not even going to unpack. I’m just going to pet the dogs, unwind (it’s freaking 2 o’clock in the morning!) and go upstairs and crawl in next to HM.

Pictures of some sights later  – you’ll be able to guess where I was, I’ll bet.


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