Spill the details…fess up Friday

August 15, 2008 § Leave a comment

Lame! Lame! Lame! That sums up my confessions re: writing for this week. Did lots of reading…thinking…saying “hmmmm”…staring out the window…cursing my choice of pen (since I didn’t like the laptop I was using)…often wondering if I just might really somehow in any way make a living … as a writer. Here’s this writer’s week, nutshelled: WIRED and FAST FRIDAY magazines; also, the current NEW YORKER. Also, finished book for the SAUCE review, with plenty of annotations and field notes for writing the review itself.  Hope I can read my handwriting as I organize the stuff. My handwriting is all loopy and done so quickly; it may be difficult to decipher some of it. Maybe I should I have pulled the laptop out of my case and used it … nah.


Writing: Other than the book review notes, nothing focused. Tons of notes and ideas jotted down everywhere, from napkins to magazine pages to the backs of itinerary printouts. When it’s all combined and studied there may be something usable for an essay or… maybe it’s complete mush!

Blogging: No fair access. And by late evening, too tired to put anything on here.

Going forward:  Pondered ideas on how to present info resulting from business trip, also in view of how CEO likes updates.  Working on something with a little “pop” to it.


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