Spontaneous Summer Shoutouts

August 16, 2008 § 4 Comments

Sonic – Here’s to the snappy drive-thru that’s no stranger to limeade, and with an added shot of raspberry – yum! And there are real chunks of lime in the cup that is big enough to swim in.  Between 2 and 4 o’clock (I think), they are half price, too. Great afternoon date drink – there’s plenty to share (buy 1 for 2 of you)!

Fritz – a writing friend for the past 12 years, she’s found a writing “home” in poetry which she writes and pastes in her own books along with pictures she loves and voila – she’s got herself a book in progress! Traditional publishing continues to be turned on its ear. Have you heard of her? No, she’s quiet. Have you read anything she’s written? Not yet. Can I publish one of her pieces here? I’ll have to ask.

KROC – at Sauce Magazine…this is not your every day editor. (In fact, the entire staff there is remarkable – there’s tons of energy, and very open, brainstormers yet all killingly attentive to detail and realiability).
I digress. KROC? She’s a newspaper colleague from a decade ago; we both continue to grow and bump into one another and she continues to throw unique opportunities at me. I love running with her ideas on paper.

Snarl – having moved himself into his college apartment, he let us (HM and me) visit, and gave us a glimpse of his student life as it ratchets up for another year. He asked me quietly about empty nesting, I said I’d be OK, he put his arm around me for a moment and asked his dad’s advice on best route for going and coming home. He’s blessed with charm and good timing. And helped his sister move into HER new digs yesterday.

– Yes, I’m serious. When you gotta have breakfast-for-dinner, and you want a pretty menu and a short drive, it’s the place to go. All the food groups (OK, except for greens) are on the plate, they have frosty fountain Cokes and honestly, at the end of the week, when HM and I are on a date, it’s perfect. Hell, you can have coffee, too, a pot of it if you want to push the caffeine level and holler back at yourself half the night, dissing sleep, and meanwhile, it all has that breakfast feel. You can sit there for ages on Friday night: Leon, that’s the fri-nite waiter par excellence, (honestly, you’d think he was working at the Russian Tea Room with all the flair and courtesies he displays) knows everyone, discreetly – he’s not going to yell your name across the room, though. And suddenly, you’re being taken care of even when it’s only a matter of cheesey scrambled eggs, hash and pancakes (which you don’t really want, but Leon brings extra butter so you might as well have a stab at the short stack after double-buttering.) Ahhh. Easy comfortable ah.
Tomorrow night, with linen tablecloths and the clink of heavy silver and reservations, can wait.

What would you like to shout about?


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§ 4 Responses to Spontaneous Summer Shoutouts

  • Yum – I like me some Sonic burgers as well! It was just announced this week that my small town of Harrodsburg, Kentucky will be getting a Sonic Drive-Thru this winter – yippee!!

  • oh says:

    There is something celebratory about a drive-thru, isn’t there, especially one that still has rollerskate car service? (altho’ I don’t think the Sonic attendants skate…)

  • anno says:

    Mine goes to Dairy Queen, and chocolate soft serve ice cream, my favorite summertime treat!

    That limeade with a shot of raspberry sounds awfully good, too. Might have to improvise something up here.

  • oh says:

    Anno, I’m an easy mark for DQ, too. It’s only 2 miles away and a great place for a twist cone and some time alone to read whatever mag I’ve left on the passenger seat.

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