List: 11 things I love about Canada

August 17, 2008 § 2 Comments

Eleven things I love about Canada, (specifically the Calgary/Banff area) and there are many more things, but I am allowing myself only 10 minutes on the PC:

1)  I could drive down a road without anyone behind me, pressing me to go faster or more surely.
2)  Wildlife crosses the road, honestly: black bear, moose and elk. And cows – we are talking literal free range – no fences!
3)  Big air, big sky, big mountains – you can take a huge big breath. Regularly. You relax. It’s all good.
4)  Fit people, plenty of them on foot, not all athletic about it but natural, like walking and biking to work.
5)  Excellent outdoor fashion: (you knew I’d get “shallow” about something here!) but the coats, sweaters, hoods, hats, boots, packs, bags and all the etceteras are phenomenal and in great colors, designs and warmth factors.
6)  There is attention to “green” without making a big stink of it. There’s forward thinking about the environment without people saying “I’m a greenie” or “don’t throw that here, put it in here!” Why? They seem to have covered for it in terms of recycling and in ergonomics and seem to do so naturally.
7)  The people are curious and curiously nice. And I did NOT hear a lot of them saying “eh?”
8)  Sports are for everyone. Not just athletes. Hiking is a sport, too. Count me in.
9)  There is no lack of independent coffee shops and bookstores.
10) They drive on the same side of the road.
11) You cannot capture the enormity and particularness of it with a camera on a 3-day biz trip.

Why is there a border between us?
I guess so they can watch us go through our political hoopla.


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§ 2 Responses to List: 11 things I love about Canada

  • anno says:

    What? No mention of the Calgary Stampede?

    The reason for the border is so that the things you mentioned about Canada stay that way. At least that’s my suspicion.

  • Jeanie says:

    I love Canada, too, and am looking forward to a visit to Shaw Festival in early October! I’ve never been to the Western part, though. That looks gorgeous (and I’ve heard rave reviews of Saskachewan (sp) and read books by mystery writer Gwendolin Southin set (I think) in BC!

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