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August 18, 2008 § 2 Comments

This meme, copied from Anno:

 What I’m allegedly reading: Cry, the Beloved Country by Alex Paton. It’s good, simple writing, strong messaging. It’s nice to hear the language; I read the glossary of terms first so some of it the words stuck as I read. I remember seeing the title in high school and believe it was a choice offered in senior English but I chose Sons and Lovers instead. Like I understood any of that…well, yeah, some of it.

What I’m actually reading: Cruising the house for some chick lit but can’t find any cuz that’s where I’m at right now – easy, shallow stories about big cities, big luck, big career stuff. But,  I will likely read CRY and some of the New Yorker, the summer fiction issue which I haven’t yet touched.  I would not be opposed to reading one of those vampire books, though, that are currently all the rage. You know the ones…with the black covers.

What I’m eating: bread and chocolate

What I’m drinking: ice water (but if someone showed up with an ice cold Coke classic right now, I’d trade something valuable for it.)

What I’m watching: my dog, sleep-breathing, and this PC screen, tho’ my eyes are shot.

What I’m listening to: the Olympics, which are on the TV in the kitchen.

What I have scheduled in the week ahead of me: finishing a book review for KROC’s SAUCE; getting two more short PPTs ready for a 9 a.m. meeting tomorrow!; and working on my ad infinitum/ad nauseum essay that will require micro editing to turn it into its original purpose. KROC has put out a call for more essays – unique opportunity for pros and wannabes alike. What else is scheduled? ah, the mundane: oil change, pick up at cleaners, stuff like that. And, cleaning! Sorting! Organizing! Of course I’m not mentioning working on my “own” manuscript – nah, not enought discipline to stretch there right now.

What I’m feeling: absolutely mellow. Sit around the campfire mellow. Loll on the couch mellow.  Hang out on the front porch mellow.


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