August 18, 2008 § Leave a comment

Action: I was walking through the hotel’s restaurant to the outdoor patio that overlooks the waterfalls and passed  two young men, seated in lounge chairs, one fellow wrapped in a blanket (very Queen Mary cruise line style) against the chill of the night, the other in a shirt, jacket and plaid pants. It was  dark.

People were talking low, (genteel) as though the evening indigo had turned the place into a bookless library where soft voices were required in order not to interrupt anyone.

Blanket fellow said to his companion: “She’s dirty, really dirty.”
A pause, then…
Companion responded: “Uh hmmm….”

And that was it. Blip. I was out of range though I might have gladly lingered if I’d had reason.


the "back of the hotel" on the patio and falls side



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