Overheard…at a bridal shower

August 24, 2008 § 7 Comments

After the luncheon, the drinks, and the opening of gifts…the bridemaid crowd cooed, as follows:

Guest 1: We should have invited the groom to the shower. He would love it.
Guest 2: We should have invited Michael Phelps to the shower.
Crowd (like a Greek chorus): Yeah! Yeah! Oh, he’s gorgeous. What a guy. He’s awesome. (etc etc)
Guest 3: What is it about him?
Guest 4: I dunno. Doesn’t matter.
Guest 5: I tell you what it is: it’s the gold, and the spotlight.
Guest 6: And what about Lotche?
Crowd (with gusto): Yeah! Oh yes! Mmmm hmmm! Definitely.

Hmmm….well, if we’re inviting (celebrity) guests, I’d like to recommend Stellan Skaarsgaard and Pierce Brosnan. OK, and Colin Firth.  (It’s residual Mama Mia! effect.)

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