FessupFriday…(or, backed into a corner)

August 29, 2008 § 3 Comments

Writing this week:
rough draft of an article
blog entries
two short tech manuals (yes, I must count these.)
a gazillion emails (I must count these, too)

FAST COMPANY (mag) ((what, no VOGUE? nope, not yet)
TWILIGHT (finished)
NEW MOON (started. I can hardly believe I’m reading those. Must switch to something heady, deeper…something)
Advanced Power Point Manual (People have to STOP creating long, major-boring PPTs)

This week was a whirl. Something to do, someone to share time with at every turn. I have an article due on Monday. It’s in rough draft form (as above). Normally, my pulse would resume its regular beat knowing this. Yet I don’t see an open window of time. Like, four hours! where I can think, cut, paste, delete, rearrange, add, tighten, etc. and create a nice piece that rattles and inspires. Tomorrow morning. Crack of dawn. Yes. Why bother, you say? Why not give up this hectic moonlighting? Ah, but I cannot. It’s the thrill of being somehow involved in the writing game.

And now…

In honor of our anniversary today and because I wrote the following as an intro to an article about two months ago on “green” weddings but decided it was not appropriate though it did  serve as a warm-up to get to the article intro I really wanted … anyway, in honor of that, I am saluting HM and my kids with the following little “picture” of our wedding day. (Also because I have nothing else to write this morning yet feel compelled to offer something.)

I wore a  gauzy ivory two-piece wedding ensemble purchased from the black market fashionistas in the federal building where I worked. My husband, then in the designer jeans business, was outfitted by metro colleagues in a tie-less but vested look (one I adore on him to this day). I wore daisies in my hair, but if you’re thinking hippy-dippy, no, it wasn’t that.  We took the Staten Island Ferry to city hall to be married by the Justice of the Peace. Guests arrived in taxis. After the ceremony through which I trembled and he sweated, we all walked up the hill to a restaurant overlooking Manhattan and sat at a huge medieval table to toast the event and celebrate with food. There were 25 of us, leaning into our food and one another, laughing and talking and it was so easy and so much fun. We were then given a company car to drive four hours east to Montauk on the tip of Long Island where we spent our week-long honeymoon at a resort suite on the beach.


It was the ‘80s.  Only Greenpeace and Sierra Club were making waves about the environment which translates now as being “green.”  But inadvertently, like so many hundreds and likely thousands of couples today, we had stumbled into creating a wedding day with green aspects.  We used mass transit. We walked. We had a small wedding. Our wedding attire (we still have it) was used over and over for other occasions.  We sent NYC pictoral postcards as invitations.  We were, by “back-then” standards, non-traditinal and spontaneous ( a little too much so for my parents who then threw a big reception for us upstate on the Sacandaga). We were, by today’s standards, somewhat environmentally green.

Happy Friday!


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§ 3 Responses to FessupFriday…(or, backed into a corner)

  • In the hectic scheme of things, you managed to get some writing done. Good for you!

  • Nora says:

    You still have your wedding outfit? I didn’t know that… save it for me, not that I’ll ever be a size two, but just in case 🙂 Happy Anniversary! I picked up presents for you both in Canada. XOXO

  • oh says:

    the crazy thing is, Bobbi, now that I have a deadline looming, all sorts of thing are popping up and onto the paper…none having to do with the book review I’m writing, but that’s ok. What fun! (maybe it’s this 3-day weekend that’s working the magic!)

    Nory – size 2? ahahahaha…yeah I was skinny but blessedly, my wedding outfit went by S-M-L and not numbers. Think it’s a small. It will work. But I will be amazed if you’re interested in the gauzey look. Anything for you, my daughter!

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