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September 1, 2008 § Leave a comment

Our kidz are Gen Ys. Hmmm … Apparently that means that as a group, they are somewhat self-indulgent, want instant gratification, are a bit of a “what’s in it for me?” crowd. Yikes. I don’t see that in our two. Flashes of it, maybe. But as a lifestyle trend, no.  Both our kidz will admit, however, to wanting straight answers to questions, no dithering. Hey, I’m a Pisces … it ain’t always easy for me to say yes or no, or right or left. (However, the longer I work with engineers in my day job, the more I understand those who do give black-and-white responses … or think they should, and who live to the right and think only categorically. I have learned to smile instead of speak, often).

The book review is done but needs editing. Oh boy. My fave.
The camera is sitting just over there, calling to me.
The pie is on the verge of bubbling.
The gifts want wrapping.

So, this is a what a blog entry is like when one approaches it with no plan and just writes personal junk. EGADS.


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