This morning, post deadline …

September 2, 2008 § 1 Comment

 photo taken at Branson. While it is NOT the Las Vegas of the Midwest, a family can have a good time there without blowing huge holes in the budget. We hiked, explored, played games and took in 2 shows (only) and believe me, they were not Vegas quality/standards.

We so often examine the writing process and rarely treat ourselves to how it feels when something is finished.  That is, assuming a piece is ever really finished. It’s easy to mess with it and sometimes requires someone, or a deadline, to snatch it away from the writer.

But last evening, I finally pressed the “send” button on a review I began writing two weeks ago and finished editing yesterday. It can be a long process, this writing thing, especially on a first-time assignment for a publication. I have written for SAUCE before, but not a review. And this is a peach (or a plum?) of a gig – reviewing books, often advance copies, of food or foodie books.

I adore a regular gig. And I would like this to be such.

I have no idea what the editor likes or will like. More difficult, the senior editor is a friend and colleague, one with whom I’ve worked in the past, stayed in contact since we went in different directions and whom I count as a friend, the real kind.

Yes, I read the publication, but honestly, have not, to date, noticed the book reviews.
So, as mentioned, I pressed the “send” button last evening and will enjoy the 24 hours of giddiness that follows handing in a piece. And then the worry will set in. Did I hit the target, “blindfolded” as I was?

Let’s just go with giddy for now, and get the laundry and vacuuming done (typically the first things to suffer when I’m on deadline.)

Today will be like a walk on the beach …

photo taken on Sanibel Island. It has everything in the world that island living requires. Going back? Oh yeah.


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