write on wednesday … before I write tonite …

September 10, 2008 § 5 Comments

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
It’s Becca. It’s Wednesday!
So here we go with one of her thoughtful and stirring prompts.

Writing state of mind: Very on. Partly, it’s the time of year. Partly, it’s due to post-vacay. Partly, it’s due to choice – choosing writing over things more passive (tv, books, talking on the phone…ok, yeah, and writing over cleaning.) And partly because I’m working on some stuff with real allure.Accessing the writing zone:
1) By moving. Through movement. (walking, flying, in the car (as a passenger))
Moving through space.
Moving hand holding pen across the page, with faith.
Moving fingers over the keys (cool sound, but I achieve less writing depth. I get more down in a hurry when typing  but when working longhand, working my way across the page forces thought and muscle coordination. I’m just sayin’.)
2)  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but two things help me get in the zone: flipping through magazines and walking through a museum, of any sort.
How do instincts (about the possibility of any writing ability at all) help with the writing?
Ah, the instincts.
Well, there’s the one that says “keep going.”
The one that says “this sucks but keep going.”
The one that says “keep at it, keep at it – you can get it – you’re almost there.”
The one that says “fine. Good for now. Good day’s work.”
The one that says “you get to write again. It’s not all or nothing at this very moment. Come back, come back to it later.”
Because I do believe in talent, and know that I’d never recognize it in myself, I believe that practice makes the whole writing process better, easier, truer, and that sooner or later, like the chimps at the typewriter, I’ll get my Hamlet. (You know I don’t mean Hamlet, of course. It’s just a reference to sheer numbers, repetition, odds.)

Overall, my instincts tell me to write and not worry about it cuz it’s what I am continually drawn to do.

Being in the writing zone:
I don’t think I’ve been in the zone that often. I don’t think I’ve been there often enough. It’s like diving off a cliff. No, it’s not about going down, it’s about going up. It’s like climbing the rope in gym class, er, something like that.
I do know when I am in the zone.
Overall, I might even say I resist being in the zone. It saps everything. And so I think sometimes I approach writing almost fearfully, no, shyly, no, more like that feeling you get just before the signal fires and you take off from the start position.
The writing zone is a high, but as soon as I might say “wow, I’m in it,” it could dissipiate, like when you stare at those patterns and suddenly, a dimensional picture pops out and you’re thrilled that you can see it – you know the ones I mean? Meanwhile, someone at your elbow is clamoring, saying “Let me see – show me, I don’t see it. I just see a pattern.” And there’s nothing you can show them or teach them about it. They just have to see it.
So when the writing zone happens, you gotta answer it. Oh yeah, it’s a high, of sorts. For writers only.


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§ 5 Responses to write on wednesday … before I write tonite …

  • Becca says:

    I love the way you respond every week, so clever!

    And the voices of your writing “instincts” are priceless (especially the one that says “this sucks, but keep going”!) Write and not worry about it –I think that’s good advice!

  • Bonnie says:

    Interesting to think about the time of the year influences writing. i’m thinking too about the power of just being right here, reading your post and how this social networking aspect of the web impacts on our writing zone: reading, thinking, sharing… this is a very powerful process.

  • Moving through movements. I loved that phrase!

    Great thoughts in here!

    state of mind

  • oh says:

    Becca, always good to hear from you. I didn’t add one of the “instinct” voices – the one that just goes “ahahahaha!” That one offers kind of a reverse inspiration!


    Dear GT, So can we take a day off from work and just “move” ’til we are flooded with writing ideas? I say yes!

  • Jeanie says:

    I LOVE your instincts! And the museum, walk, magazine, get away thoughts. That’s interesting about resisting being “in the zone.” I have to think about that… I might do that, too.

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